16 Moments When Timing Was Everything

25 Aug 2015    04:09 pm

20 Moments When Timing Was Everything

In life, timing is important, but in photos, timing is everything. Let us take a moment to thank photographers everywhere who capture life's greatest and funniest moments. 

Here are 16 photographs that are perfectly timed for maximum amusement. 

1. Even a helmet wouldn't help this poor sap.

2. Almost had it, little buddy.

3. "Owl be yours forever."


4. Slip and splash.

5. Good try, Frisbee Girl.

6. This squirrel can catch better than Frisbee Girl.

7. The butterfly may look delicate but it's ready for a fight.

8. Kids are just the worst.

9. "Yeah, I'm just out for a bike riiii-AAAHHHHH!" 

10. This cat is VERY protective of her territory and will use Cat-Fu to defend it.

11. "Here's my impression of a tree falling over." 

12. Why is he wearing shorts when there is snow? 

13. Their friendship is over in about two seconds.

14. He still looks so happy that he tried. 


16. Right now, every spectator is wondering how much a helmet costs.