8 Tricks to Find Out the Right Open University

18 Aug 2015    02:42 pm

8 Tricks to Find Out the Right Open University

The internet has made higher education accessible for millions of people whose personal problems prevent them to attend conventional colleges or universities. Online academic centres offer education to all without the constraint of geography and time. But it is not necessary that all online universities offer quality education experience. Some provide great academic experience and some exist to make money only. Therefore, it is must to know how to choose a reliable or legitimate open university to make your online studies worthy.

1.    The initial step is to search for online universities that offer your desired specialization. Shortlist some universities to finalize the one where you tend to get admission.

2.    Carefully go through the proper state or regional accreditation of the shortlisted colleges. Ensure to shortlist again those colleges or universities affiliated or well-recognized by the education authority of the state. Such universities are not fraud. If you have shortlisted a fully private online institute for higher studies, you can be in trouble. These private institutions set their own terms and conditions. They are free to change their rules without any notice and for their own benefits. So, it is must that you choose a well-recognized and accredited university.

3.    Find out the logistics of the program. Some colleges offer complete online studies while others conduct some classroom sessions in addition to online. Analyse that your program needs classroom sessions. Do your shortlisted universities offer the facility?

4.    Keep yourself familiar with each college’s tuition policies, fees and registration. Compare fees and tuition policies to stay away from paying higher for a course. Ensure that the registration process is easy and the fee for the registration is moderate.

5.    Determine the college’s technical requirements. Such online schools require a laptop or desktop with internet access, printer and special software to conduct video chatting or conferences. It is important that you have all technical facilities to attend online classes without any interruption.

6.    Confirm about the selected university’s professors or teaching faculties. You have to know about their credentials and they are easily reachable via chatting, phone or email. Sometimes you may need personal guidance of your professor. In this situation, the college should offer the facility to connect with your mentor easily and rapidly. Before admission it is must to confirm the facility.

7.    Study materials and exam schedules for your post graduate program are necessary to know. Colleges have their own study materials and examination procedures. You have to ensure that the study materials for your program are valuable. Examinations are organized at the end of each semester.

8.    The last but not last thing to follow is to research about your finalized institute’s reputation. Check online to know any negative remark about the institute. You can ask friends and colleagues who recently completed a program from an online university. They may share their experiences which can be valuable for you. Avoid choosing the institute that has many negative reviews. You may find yourself in trouble. A reputed university can give assurance of safe study experience.