JNTUH : Detailed Information on R09 Batch Exception of two subjects

16 Mar 2015    12:17 am
  • Students can leave any two subjects (Failed Subjects) from all the theory subjects


  • Students can not leave any Practical Subjects. Students can not leave two subjects IF 1) One Subject consists of 6 credits & other subject consists of 4 credits 2) Both subjects consists of 6 credits. Student can leave only one failed subject in entire course which consists of 6 credits.
  • 1st Year Subjects are also Included in the list of exemption i.e. Students can also leave any failed subject from 1st Year.
  • ** Engineering Drawing Practice is not theoretical subject so Students can not leave EDP (According to our survey Students can not leave EDP as exception...but not sure about this...Students are requested to contact their Examination Branch about EDP)**
  • For Exemption of two failed subjects students should fill "UNDERTAKING FORM" & Submit it in the respective college Examination Branch.
  • Students who have cleared all your subjects can not choose their two subjects Exemption, JNTU itself will choose your exemption subjects.
  • Along with Undertaking Form students need to Enclose the following


  • A Written letter to Director of Evaluation, JNTUH.
  • SSC Certificate Xerox.
  • All the xerox copies of memos from 1st year to 4-2 (If Memos are not available with you then enclose a internet memo from JNTU Result portal).

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