A resume gets only a minute of a recruiter's time | Tips to Focus On some Points

13 Jun 2017    01:03 pm

IT Sector: For HR, Hiring managers will be having a big task for them. They will be getting hundreds of resumes in their hands 

A resume can stand out in the crowd by adding statistics or numbers to skills suggest 21% of recruiters. Such as, substantiating skills and experience with measurable results is a good way to attract a recruiter’s attention. 

Soft skills are critical 
60% of hiring managers say that while domain knowledge is important, non-technical skills or soft skills are critical while hiring a candidate. 

Among the host of soft skills that recruiters desire to see in a resume, the top three are communication skills, leadership skills and teamwork. Here are the multiple choices of their preferences - 

33% of recruiters feel communication skills are crucial  .. 

30% of recruiters look for leadership skills 

26% of recruiters consider teamwork & collaboration skills as pivotal 

22% of recruiters focus on analytical skills 

20% of recruiters give more weightage to adaptability, and 

17% of recruiters say planning and strategic thinking sk ills are important 

The resume is the first point of contact between a candidate and an employer - and making this first impression a good one is critical in getting ahead in one's career. This study by TimesJobs serves as a guide to reveal those skills that can give candidates the competitive edge needed to rapidly enhance their careers.