Applications of C language in prominent software

6 Dec 2015    02:42 pm

Applications of C language in Prominent Software

C language is the basic programming language,it is the basic language to be learnt for any programming language.Here are some applications of C/C++ language.C is used for compiler desinging for some languages such as phython,PHP including this, some opeerating systems are also written in C/C++language Windows 95,98,2000,XP,Apple OS X,sybian OS,BeOS.

Adobe System


C++ programmming languages is used to develop all the applications of Adobe systems such as Photoshop,Image ready and Adobe premier.



Internet browser Firefox and email client thundebird are written in C++ programming languages and are open source projects


Google applications are also written in C++ languages including google file and google chromium

Image Systems

These are world leading motion analysis and film scanner systems

Callas software

This software develops Pdf creation,Optimisation,updatation, and pdf  from creations tools and plugins.

12D Solutions

Its an Australian software developer speacilising in civil engineering and surveing Applications.Computer Aided design system for surveving civil engineering and more.12D solutions clients include civil and water engineering consultants,survevoyrs local state  national goverment authorities, research institutions, constructing companies and mining consultants

Winamp Media Player


Ultimate media player allows you to manage audoi and vedio files rip and burn can enjoy free music accessa nd share music remotely and sync your music to iPod creative and microsoft plys for sure devices.features albumb art support,streams audio and video content and provides acess to thousands of internet radio stations


Worlds most popular open source datbase software,over 100 milon copies are downlaoded and distrubuted throught the history worlds largest growing Organisations use this to save time and  money powering thier high volume websites,critical busniess systems and packaged software including industry leaders like Yahoo Youtube,Wikipedia, 

Akias System Autodesk maya

Maya 3D software was orginally developed by alias System co operation and later carried over by Autodesk,presently its widley used in computers video games,television.Its a poweful intergrated 3D modelling,animation,Visual effects and rendering solutions.

Operating Systems written in C/C++ programming languages 


Sofwares are developed using visual C++ or simply C++. Big Applications like winows 95,98 ,2000,XP,are also written in C++ Microsoft Office Internet  Explorer,and visual studio are written in Visual C++.

Apple OS X


Few parts of Apple OS X are written in C++ programming languages,Few applications for iPod are written in C++

Symbian Os

Symbian OS is developed using  C++,One of the most widespread os for cellular phones.