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9 Jul 2015    02:23 pm

Kanche Movie Review and rating

Kanche Movie Review and rating


Bahubali Movie Review ,Rating:Prabhas, SS Rajamouli's Bahubali movie hit or flop upcoming movie baahubali which is going hit the theaters doors after three year prabhas last film was mirchi after that rebel star prabhas coming with epic story  produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni. The film is simultaneously being made in Tamil and Telugu,languages, and it is going to be dubbed into Malayalam, Hindi and English. The cast and crew of Baahubali is very huge that includes Prabhas Raju, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamannah in the lead roles. Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj, Nassar, Adivi Sesh, Tanikella Bharani and Sudeep in other crucial roles of the movie so here we are providing  critics review of bahubali movie,rating of baahubali movie ,first day box office collections


Bahubali movie hit or flop

Bahubali Movie Review || Baahubali Rating:




Baahubali Movie Review & Baahubali Rating, Box Office Collections :

The team started the shooting baahubali movie with Prabhas and Tamannah in a beautiful set at Ramoji Film city. The most awaited film of the year, Baahubali is slated for release in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam simultaneously. The Beginning, Part I of the film, is to be released in over 3500 screens in India. It will have a selected release in over 15 countries worldwide, with the US being the biggest with at least 200 screens. It is going to slate the world wide on bahubali movie release date July 10th, 2015.

Actors Roles Bahubali Movie : 

TAMANNAAH as Avanthika along with Ramya krishna, Nasser, Sathyaraj, Kiccha Sudeepa, Adivi sesh, Rakesh Varre, Meka Ramakrishna. 
Screenplay & Direction: S.S. Rajamouli  
Presented By: K. Raghavendra Rao B.A  
Producers: Shobu Yarlagadda & Prasad Devineni  
Story: V. Vijayendra Prasad  
Director of Photography: K.K Senthil Kumar  
Production Designer: Sabu Cyril
Music Composer: M.M Keeravaani
VFX Supervision: V. Srinivas Mohan
Sound Design: P.M. Satheesh  
Stunt Choreography: Peter Hein and additional stunts King Solomon, Lee Whittakar, Kaloyan Vodenicharov
Dance Choreographers: Prem Rakshit, Shankar, Dinesh Kumar, Jani  
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
 Costume Designers: Rama Rajamouli, Prashanti Tripirneni  
Dialogues: Telugu- C.H. Vijay Kumar, Ajay Kumar G Hindi- Manoj Muntashir Tamil- Karky

Baahubali Movie Rating & Bahubali Movie Story details:

Baahubali Movie Story:

The Baahubali story begins around 540 B.C. in the kingdom of Mahishmati which was being ruled by a King.The King had two sons Bhallala Deva (Rana) and Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas), one daughter Sivagami (Ramya Krishna). Three kins start learning art of war and sword fights.After few years as two sons start growing up One day King of Mahishmati dies and gives the Kingdom to elder son Amarendra Baahubali.Amrendhar Bahubali will be married to Devasena(Anushka) and they have a son Shivudhu(Prabhas). Amarendra Baahubali starts to rule the kingdom and in a few days he receives accolades from the people. This makes Bhallaladeva angry and Jealous on Bahubali movie story plot success.

Ballaladeva with help of Bijaladeva(Nasser) try to kill Baahubali and take over the kingdom.Bijaladeva sends army to kill Bahubali.After the war Baahubali suffers major injuries.They even try to kill the son of Baahubali (shivudu) but before they can get to him Devasena gives her son to nearby village people. The son of Amarendra Baahubali (shivudu) will grow in a Village far away from the kingdom and one day he falls in love with princes Avanthika (Tammanna). In search of this princes Sividu(Prabhas) will come back to Mahishmathi kingdom.When the people of kingdom realize that Bahubali’s son was alive. Popular dialogue released in Trailer “Nannu eppudu chudani Kallu, Nannu devudi la chustunnai Nenu evarni.” He gets to know about his father and kingdom.So the story revolves on how he will get to know his past, and how he will save his mother and kingdom from the hands of Ballaladeva.



It's not for nothing that there has been incredible buzz around 'Bahubali'.  It's not the director alone or the genre alone that is the reason; it's both.  'Magadheera', whether the audience consciously experienced it or not, presented intriguing moments with the best possible mass appeal; Ram Charan making fun of the villain in the first scene he meets even without being aware of their past lives, is a case in point.  Such scenes are the ones which invite repeat audience as much as extraordinary action sequences or songs in a film of any genre.

SS Rajamouli here narrates a story that is packed with hackneyed elements, although the execution comes with majestic toppings - something which the film had promised.  The sheer scale of production values is sublime.  But we did expect more.  Heroism was supposed to come with a maha magadheera streak.  Emotions were admittedly to be watched out for.

The film is definitely different from what we thought about its characters.  Where we thought Anushka (who was her make-up man?) and Tamannah (what was she doing?) to make an impact, it is actually Ramya Krishna and Sathyaraj whom we remember.  (Small screen space doesn't mean the impact would be necessarily insignificant).

Punch lines?  But why should we even have them, you ask?  OK.  But lines like these in a film of this scale and ambition?  "Nenu adigedi godal ni kadu, mimmalne.." and "Dharmanike dhari choopinchaevadu Baahubali."  And of course, Prabhas is excused from saying any screen-scorching dialogue in the first place.  All that you have is a veiled attempt to make Prabhas' Bahubali look better than Ram Charan's Kala Bhairava in the form of this moralistic take: "Vanda mandini champina vadu veerudu avtadu.  Kani okkarini brathikinchina devudu avtadu."  Notice the 'vanda mandini..' reference.

The film begins with a pictorial presentation of the geography of Mahismathi kingdom and the abutting regions, where all the major characters live.  In the kingdom, the sadistic Bhalladeva (Raja Daggubati) is feared for his atrocious behaviour by his subjects.  On the other side of the mountain, Shivudu, the young boy, yearns for climbing up the mountain, which he eventually does, on growing up, the day the Divine wills.  When he goes on the other side, he discovers a macabre story involving those baying for blood and others whose determination to emerge victorious over the evil makes them want to give themselves in sacrifice.  He soon knows his destined task and the difficult people he will have to confront, albeit not completely in this Part-I (The Beginning).

While the film has its share of highs and lows, the visual treat and innovative screenplay don't always go together.  Bhalladeva makes a swashbuckling entry; the scene is well-conceptualized, bringing out his character and that of the others in his circle with less dialogue.  Another high is the scene where Shivudu (hitherto not seen much on the screen) romances with Avantika (hitherto seen as a bit polished version of Bandit Queen), undressing her a bit, lifting her up and uplifting her looks to let her realize that she is a woman, not a mere masculine soldier.  Yet another high is the scene where Ramya Krishna spearheads a courtroom massacre through minimal speech; watch her as she sings lullaby to kid as soon as she is done with eliminating the challenger to the throne!

The battle scenes in the run up to the end are the film's pride.  Shot at a vast scale, the sheer ambition is gigantic, with technical talent and writing talent converging to deliver a dekko.  The moments see Prabhas, Prabhakar (as Kalakeya), Rana, Ramya Krishna, and Nasser at their intense best.  Prabhas does a Rajeev Kanakala from 'Sye' in the climax (saying anything more would amount to giving out a spoiler).   The scenes that come in the run up to this episode seem a bit stretched, but in hindsight they are alright.  Prabhas and Rana going on a hunt for the traitor are totally in place, given the significance of catching hold of him and the same leading to a larger-than-life, Hollywoodish climax.

Prabhas passes muster in the title role.  His character is arguably not flawlessly written, something which everyone who feels there is not enough dose of Prabhas will vouch for.  Bahubali is a Superman with a Shiva soul and rustic costumes, complete with mythical energy levels (that also helps him eliminate an unspecified number of enemies).  Rana proves to be a good choice. The only complaint is that his classy, sophisticated Telugu (as that of Adivi Sesh) proves to be a handicap.

Tamannah almost renders Avantika lifeless; she doesn't fit the bill.  Anushka plays a cameo, with her horribly wrinkled and sooted face unseen but for two or three shots.  Sudeep as a Muslim king is another cameo.

Sathyaraj gets a good share in the pie.  His costumes and make-up are picture perfect.  He has a larger role (apparently) in the second part.  Ramya Krishna makes a praiseworthy comeback. Nasser is convincing as the cunning old fox.  Prabhakar delivers his career best.  Adithya Menon is difficult to recognise.  Rohini and Tanikella Bharani are OK.

Keeravani largely does justice to the script; Rajamouli's visualization is not at its best though.  The cinematography (Senthil Kumar) and art direction (Manu Jagadh) are top notch.

It is the VFX part that really is 'baahu' enough.

Verdict: A visual feast, 'Bahubali' is not Rajamouli enough.  The Hollywoodish ending may well be a trendsetter, but the question is, are the audience ready for such one?  A one time watch.

Rating: 3.25/5 

Baahubali Movie Rating : 3.25/5

Baahubali Movie First Day Box Office Collection:Coming Soon


Baahubali first Day Box Office Collections In Telugu, Tamil, Hindi: Baahubali first Day Box Office Collection:


Baahubali which means the one with strong arms. It is the upcoming two part action-drama South_Indian movie. The movie is the most expensive movie of the Indian cinema industry. The director of the movie is S. S. Rajamouli and the story of the movie is also written by him. He is a well-known director in the industry. There are already lots of expectations from the movie. Since the movie’s trailer has been launched it has become a hot topic of discussion in the film industry.The movie was also well-received by the audience and it is expected that Baahubali will also get a welcome with the same and even greater reception by the audience. The movie is made in Tamil and Telugu. The movie will be dubbed in Malayalam and Hindi as Hindi is the most common language in India and the makers are trying to attract the large number of audience possible. The movie will have a worldwide screening on 4000+ screens.


Baahubali Movie Box Office Collection:

Overseas box office collections of bahubali : #Bahubali USA $1M official at 5pm EST - $1,010,550 from 118 screens on Rentrak.

The benefit shows of "Baahubali – the Beginning" began as early as 4.00 am in some place in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Though the tickets were priced as high as Rs 4000 to Rs 8000, all the tickets were sold out well in advance. The cinema halls witnessed unprecedented crowd even at the wee hours.

The first regular show of "Baahubali – the Beginning" began at 6.30 am in many centres in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and some of other parts of India and all the theatres ran to packed houses. The shows at 10.00 am and 12.30 pm also had 100% occupancy. Many theatres displayed houseful boards, and many film goers did not get tickets for the film.

"Baahubali – the Beginning" has got 100% booking for afternoon and evening shows as well. As per early trends, the movie will collect over 30 crore at the worldwide box office on the first day, becoming the biggest opener of 2015 in Indian cinema. Stay tuned to read the first day collection reports of "Baahubali".

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