Career counselling: Easy ways to fund your studies abroad

3 Mar 2016    06:57 pm

What are the various ­scholarships available for ­students going abroad to study economics (with mathematics) provided by the government or other institutions? - Nidhi Kumar

There are several national and international organisations that offer scholarships to meritorious students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad. Many do not specify subjects like economics, but include it in the general list of disciplines under the broader humanities category. Many universities in the US offer scholarships or some kind of funding or financial assistance to needy and deserving students. It is important to check the websites of the universities you are applying to, for this information. However, scholarships to study in US universities depend on a number of factors. Generally, students with high grades in school and college and good scores in the GRE and TOEFL tests stand a better chance of getting scholarships or some form of funding. Each university has its own requirements so you may have to complete and submit applications that include essays, recommendations and lists of achievements that highlight your best qualities.

In a number of countries abroad universities do not award many scholarships for study. You can, however, apply for government scholarships and fellowships offered by different government and private organisations such as the Inlaks Foundation, JN Tata Scholarships, KC Mahindra Trust, Rhodes Scholarships and others. You can also take loans being offered at low interest rates which will enable you to complete your studies so as to be able to get a good job and enhance your earning capacity.

I am pursuing a BA programme from Jamia Millia Islamia. I am interested in a career in psychology. Should I take up the subject at the master’s level? Will I be able to get admission in MA psychology after doing bachelor’s in another discipline? - Eram Aleem

Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour and has a systematic approach towards understanding people. The study of psychology enables students to apply the principles and theories of human behaviour in solving real life problems. The study includes experiments, theories, personality tests, methods and techniques of identification of human problems, guidance and counselling, etc.

With increasing issues like stressful workplaces, increasing crime, global issues and many real-life complexities, the field of psychology is gaining more attention. In India, there are many colleges offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in psychology.

While most good universities offering MA psychology prefer candidates to have completed BA in psychology, they do take graduates from other fields. The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing MA in psychology is a bachelor’s degree in any stream with minimum 50% marks. However, you need to clear an entrance test which covers some basic knowledge of psychology social psychology, organisational behaviour, general knowledge and other subjects. You can prepare for the entrance test by taking up some additional coaching in psychology. Practically, every university offers MA psychology including Delhi University, Ambedkar University and Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi, Mumbai University, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, Pune University, and others.