Cell Phone Gave Man a Tumor, According to Major Court Ruling

20 Mar 2016    06:08 pm

Heavy Cell Phone Use Caused Business Exec's Tumor

  • The man, Innocente Marcolini, reportedly used a cell phone for five to six hours a day for 12 years while talking to business clients.
  • He has since developed a tumor in his trigeminal nerve, at a location very close to where the phone came into contact with his head.
  • The tumor required surgery and has left his face partially paralyzed. After seeking to collect benefits from the Italian Workers' Compensation Authority (INAIL), and being told there was no proof that his work habits had caused the tumor, he took the case to court, where it was ruled that there is a link between the use of mobile and cordless phones and tumors.
  • Apparently, INAIL relied on the Interphone study to make their decision (Interphone was a seriously flawed, partially industry-funded study that turned out to be a $30-million failure).