CO ( Computer Organisation ) Important questions unit wise for JNTUH (R13) students

12 Apr 2015    05:13 pm

CO ( Computer Organisation )  Important questions unit wise for JNTUH (R13) students

So here are the important question of Computer organisation for jntu hdyerabad students of R13 regulation 


1)write about instruction formats
2)explain the concept of 1-address,2-address,3-address,4-adress registers with examples
3)Compare b/w 0-address,1-address,2-address,3-address
4)expalin about addressing modes with examples
5)List the conditional branch instructions
6)write program to evaluate the arthemetic statement x=A-B+C*(D*E-f) using a general register G+H+K
computer with 3-address instructions


1) Explain I/o interface with an example
2) Explain isolateed vs memory mapped I/O
3)explain the strobe control method of asynchronous data tranfer
4) What is DMA?Explain it's working
5) What are the various schemes which are used for data transfer between two device of a computer?


1) explain memory hierarchy in detail
2) A computer uses RAM chips of 1024 x 1 capacity
    i)how many chips are needed and how should their address lines be connected to provide a  memory capacity of 16k bytes
    ii)How many chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of 16 bytes
3)give the hardware organisation of associative memory
4)write the match logic of associative  memory
5)what are different types of mapping techniques sed in usage of cache memory?explain
6)compare and contrast direct and associative mapping techniques.


1) Draw the pin diagram of 8086 processor and describe tge function of each pin 
2)Discuss the general functions of all general purpose resgisters of 8086
3)Explain the special function of each register and instruction suppor fo these functions
4)write about sgment resgister in brief
5)expalin the concept of pipelining
6)explain the 16-bit flag register format of 8086 and explain each flag in detail
7)Explain in detail about addressing modes of 8086


1) Explain about instruction format of 8086 with suitable examples
2) Discuss various branch instructions of 8086 microprocessor that are useful for relocation
3)what are loop instructions of 8086?explain the use of DF flag in the execution of string instructions
4)Explain the arithmetic instructions of 8086 processor
5)write an ALP in 8086 to display string "welcome" on the screen
6)write an ALP in 8086 to find a max number in the array of 10 numbers
7)write an ALP in 8086 to  exchange a block of n bytes of data b/w source and destination
8)write an ALP in 8086 to  find average of 2 numbers
9)write an ALP in 8086 to find LCM of 2 16-bit unsigned numbers
10)write an ALP in 8086 to  convert a 16-bit binary into equivalent BCD