Data Structures Important Quetions Unit Wise

2 Mar 2016    10:33 pm


1 Discuss various the asymptotic notations used for best case average case

and worst case analysis of algorithms.

2 Explain Performance Analysis in Detail.

3 Define recursion. Explain with it Fibonacci series and factorial?

5.Explain the different operations on singly liked list


1 Write an algorithm for basic operations on Stack

2 Explain the procedure to evaluate postfix expression

3 Evaluate the following postfix expression: 6 2 3 + - 3 8 2 / + * 2 | 3 +

4 Explain the procedure to convert infix expression into postfix expression

5 Convert the following expression A + (B * C) - ((D * E + F) / G) into post

6 Explain the operations on simple Queue

7 Write an algorithm for basic operations on circular queue

8 Explain DEQUEUE ADT and its operations




1 Explain Binary tree ADT.

2 Discuss representation of binary tree

4 Discuss max priority queue ADT with examples

5 List the advantages of priority queue? Explain the implementation of

6 Define threaded binary tree? Explain the impact of such a representation

7 Explain graph ADT.

8 Explain different ways representation of graphs.


1 Explain linear search with example

2 Explain Binary search with example

3 Differentiate linear search algorithm with binary search algorithm.

4 Define hashing and discuss the different hashing functions with an

5.Define collision and discuss any two collision resolution techniques

6 Explain Chaining with an example

7 Compare different sorting techniques

8 Write C programs for implementing Quick sort to arrange a list of

integers in ascending order


1 Describe the insertion, deletion ,searching operations on binary search

2 Explain the insertion operation on AVL trees

3 Describe the insertion, searching operations on B-Trees

4 Explain knuth-Morris-pratt algorithm with example

5 Define binary search tree. Construct the binary search Tree for the below

given data. P, F ,B, H, G , S, R, Y, T, W, Z

7 Write a short note on tries

8 Compare different search trees with their time complexities

9 Explain various rotations of AVL Trees maintaining balance factor while

10 Explain Splay trees with example.