Detailed explanation on Grace Marks for JNTU Students

17 Mar 2015    12:14 am

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This post is all about the grace marks when it will be applicable and what are the minimum marks to be attained and many more things which is related to JNTU students. Share it with your friends which will help them a lot. 

  • Grace marks will be applicable only after the results of 4-2 exams. This is very important to be remembered.
  • If you are applying normally then you need not pay anything. But if you are in urgent to take memo then you need to pay extra amount of 1000rs.

Few frequently asked questions and important points related to Grace Marks 

Q) Does Grace Marks & Class Change rule applicable to R09 batch ?
Ans : Grace marks & 0.15% [Class Change] rules are applicable for R09 batch students.

Q) Can You explain what is grace marks & how many grace marks can be added under this rule ?
Ans : if a candidate failed in one/two subjects with shortage of marks if adding these marks makes the student eligible to get his/her degree then grace marks will be added.


Procedure For Addition of Grace Marks 


If u had completed the course of education then u can apply directly in JNTUH. If you are still pursuing the course then u need to apply through college principal only.
Students service counters will be operated between 10 AM to 5 PM . Lunch timings are from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM.
DD is valid only for 1 week after the date of DD is taken from bank.
Students need to collect the memos if any in-between 3 PM to 5 PM from students service counters

1) Request letter of the student through the Principal.

2) Original Marks Memo(s) containing the subject(s) for which addition of Grace Marks, is applicable.

3) Undertaking for issue of Provisional Certificate & Consolidated Marks Memo. when students get 216 or 220 credits (For R07,R05 Batch) & 192,193,194 (For R09 Batch) after adding grace marks.

Note : Some important points on Grace marks 

1) Grace marks can be added only to 1 or 2 subjects maximum.

2) Grace marks can be added only for external exams.

3) For Regular Students : Under Grace marks Rule 4 marks [Total of 8 marks Maximum] each will be added in 2 subjects. [Example : if u are having 22 Marks in external exams in 2 subjects then the grace marks will be added to get u passed in those subjects].
For Lateral Entry Students : Under Grace marks Rule Total of 7 marks Maximum will be added in 2 subjects.

4) For Regular Students : Under Grace marks rule max of 8 marks will be added for one subject.[Conform it from your respective exam cell or from JNTUH before u proceed further]
For Lateral Entry Students : Under Grace marks Rule Total of 7 marks Maximum will be added in 1 subject.

5) The best performance among the external examinations shall be considered while giving the grace marks. i.e., you can use even your best previous result while applying for grace marks.

6) Grace marks can't be added to internal marks.

7) Students can apply for grace marks & class change only after they get the original marks memos.

Q) I got 24 marks in external exam & 16 in internal in Nov/Dec 2013 exams in my 4-1 semester. Can i apply for grace marks by using those previous exam marks ?
Ans : Yes u can apply by using the previous result.

Q) Can i use leaving of 2 subjects rule & Grace marks rule at a time to get my degree.
Ans : Yes u can use both the rules to get the degree.

Q) Will there be any sort of indications if i apply for grace marks & get my degree ?
Ans : No there wont be any kind of indication if u get passed in any subject by using Grace marks rule.

Q) Whats is class change rule ? can u explain in detail & how can i apply for class change ?
Ans : If you got a final percentage of 49.85% , 59.85% , 69.85% then u can apply for class change rule to get 50%, 60%, 70% as final percentage on memos.


Procedure To Apply For Class Change :

1) Requisition from the Student through the Principal.
In the case of the Students who completed their course, can submit directly their requisitions to the Controller of Examinations.

2) Originals of
(i) Provisional Certificate, 
(ii) Consolidated Marks Memo &
(iii) Final Semester marks memo.
Note :

Change from > 49.85 % to 50 % for Pass Class to Second Class
Change from > 59.85 % to 60 % for Second Class to First Class
Change from > 69.85 % to 70 % for First Class to First Class with distinction 

Q) To which all courses & regulation grace marks rule & class change are applicable ?
Ans : To all courses (UG/PG) & all regulations its applicable.

Q) Can i apply for Grace mark in tatkal mode directly at JNTUH ? 
Ans : No. Tatkal mode is not applicable for grace marks rule. U need to apply for grace marks rule in your respective college only.

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