Digital Entrepreneurs - A Two Days workshop on Digital Marketing and Ethical Hacking at CMRIT

15 Mar 2015    05:48 pm

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At CMRIT on 19th and 20th


Shukra and CMRIT proudly presents an independent hands-on workshop on Digital Marketing and Ethical Hacking, a hands-on workshop where each topic will be explained and each step shown in detail and where the participants can also bring their laptops and practice simultaneously. It is an ideal workshop for online and offline entrepreneurs, students interested in blogging and websites, and internet enthusiasts who want to know more about the utilization of the vast network.

Digital Marketing:

Every product needs to be marketed and promoted. The main hitch in this is reaching out to a larger audience. This can be solved by turning to the Internet, a powerful network where we have the entire world as our audience. This session of the workshop shows the ways how any person can use this to our advantage and to promote their product on the web. Topics ranging from how to understand and create your own product to how to place ads and start earning through them will be explained.


Ethical Hacking:

Using such a vast network is scary unless you know how to protect yourself. A spell-bounding session on ethical hacking shows you the ways you can find shortcuts on the internet, different ways people try to snatch your personal details and how you can avoid that. Each and every topic will be explained to arm you on to this journey to becoming an expert of the Internet.


10 Reasons why you will love this workshop:

It is a hands-on workshop where we urge the participants to get their laptops and work simultaneously with the speaker to get comprehensive understanding of concepts.
 Well designed A-Z coursework on Digital Marketing with Audio-Visual Aids which is covered from basics.
 Expert speakers with many years of experience and who performed extensive and decorated projects in their fields.
Industrial case studies will be taken up and explained.
The participants will be shown how to build their own website in easy steps without using any coding.
 Free online query support post workshop.
Free Tool kit DVD which contains materials on all the topics and software to make your experience effortless and smooth.
 9 in 10 people have rated our workshop as great.
Placement opportunity for gifted participants after the workshop.
Start-up talks and Accolades will be present.


Modules of the workshop

Digital Marketing:

Module 1: Internet and Digital World Awareness

Introduction to Digital Era

Essential Modules in Digital Era

What is Internet? Everyday Applications


Module 2: Recognizing and Productizing the skill

Emphasis on recognizing individual skills

Emphasis on productizing the skill

Skill as a Service

Skill as a Product

Interviews of Successful Entrepreneurs

Tools to monitor the products


Module 3: Promoting the Product(skill)

            Types of Marketing

            Advantages of Digital Marketing over Regular Marketing

            Strategic Planning and selecting the mode of publicity

            Preparing for first time launch

            Getting the product to the right customers


Module 4: Developing User Engagement

            Strategies to develop user engagement

            Delivering the right product to the right customer

            Delivering good customer experience

            Making your products stand out


Module 5: Effective utilization of User Engagement

       Monetizing the product

       Ways to monetize the product

Effective Ad Management

Precautions to prevent down time


Case Studies

Stepping up to Entrepreneurship


Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security:

Module 1: Web Application Penetration testing


Module 2: Bug bounty 101


Module 3: Android Security

Bypassing Android Locks

Mobile Application penetration testing


Module 4: Email password bruteforcing


Module 5: Malware, Trojans and preventions


Module 6: Facebook, Gmail hacking

SMS bombing, fake mailer

Module 7: InfoSec as a profession


Module 8: Social Engineering and many more


Benefits for startups:

Registered start-ups will be given 5 minutes of time to showcase their products
Accolades will be awarded to exceptional start-ups
Digital Marketing support will be provided to startups via hangouts


For offline Registrations : or call us at: 7673960962