Digital Marketing and Android App Development Workshop at Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College ( Very Limited Registrations )

23 Mar 2015    07:39 pm

Two days Hands on workshop on Digital Marketing and Android App development on 26th and 27th of march.

To Register Call: 07799388934


For registrations visit here: Click here ( Limited registrations )

Who can attend this workshop ?

  • For Digital Marketing anyone can attend the workshop. Even students from CSE, IT, Electronics, mechanical or from any other branch can attend as there is no coding involved in this workshop. 
  • You can even attend only one day by paying 400rs or you can even attend both the days by paying 500rs which is very worthy. 
  • Career opportunies in Digital Marketing are very high these days. As we know how smartphones are growing and usage of internet is growing.
  • Android is the most popular OS in this world. This will be very helpfull for every students and you can build your own app in this session. 

Do we have career opportunies in Digital Marketing? 

  • Digital Marketing is the next big thing in present world. We know there is a huge competition going on out site. So, it will be better to concetrate on present growing technologies and where the competition will be low.
  • Along with Career you can start earning money from Blogging, Facebook, twitter and Flipkart like websites. 

Do we have career opportunities in Android App Developement ? 

  • Yes you have very huge scope in App developement. As we seen in recent years increase in Android mobiles usage is too high.
  • You can expect a high salary pacakages for this technology.

Types of registrations

To Register Call: 07799388934

Registration form: Click here