Everyone Be Aware-The Horror of Ransomeware

31 Mar 2016    09:47 pm


There’s a lot of wares going around nowadays. I miss the times when everything was called software. But it’s nice that software is now being classified like the plant and animal kingdoms.

At first we had shareware, then freeware, then came adware, spyware and all malicious types of software fell into what we call malware. Aside from the most malicious Trojans and viruses made to wipe out systems, most malware are nuisances compared to ransomware.

Ransomware can be really terrifying especially if you have sensitive data and are not in the habit of backing up. Like the name says, ransomware has something to do with ransom. What ransomware often does is that it locks or encrypts your system or data in such a way that it can’t be opened without the help of the ransomware author/s.


Your system or data is basically kidnapped and held for ransom, and you’ll have to deal with criminals just to get it back or live with the fact that your system or data is gone.