Exam preparation tips for B.Tech course

13 Jul 2015    01:59 pm

Exam preparation tips for B.Tech course of JNTUH

Are you looking for best preparation tips for B.Tech course of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University? We have mentioned here various methods to get good score in B.Tech course for internal examinations as well as external examinations. This article will also gives the examination pattern of B.Tech course of JNTU, Hyderabad. If you follow these methods during your preparation, you will get good marks in the forthcoming examinations. All the best for B.Tech aspirants.


After 12th standard every student dreams of becoming the best engineer by joining Engineering course in eminent Engineering College. After joining and the question will arises in the mind that will I be capable to score good marks in engineering and how to get good score etc., 

The passing of the B.Tech with 40 to 50 percentages is easy, but this percentage will not work in real life, further studies and getting good job. I am providing these tips and tricks to get high percentage in Engineering and it will also gives an awareness of the examination system of Internal and Externals of B.Tech course.

JNTU, Hyderabad is having unique, innovative methods of evaluation for internal and external examinations. It has internal examination (subjective, Objective, Assignments, seminar, comprehensive viva voce), external examinations (theory, laboratory, mini project & main project).

Preparation techniques for Internal Examinations

Internal examinations are conducted for 25 marks and the marks distributed are as Objective examinations 10 marks, subjective examination 10 marks and assignment 5 marks. Internal marks are very essential to score well in overall subject as it has a 25% of marks out of 100 marks. The student has to secure minimum 20 marks here to get 80% and above in each subject.


Out of 25 marks, student can score 5 marks easily in assignment. Every subject faculty will give 4 questions per mid exam (this may vary from college to college and faculty) and student has to write answer at home with the help of books, material etc., and show them to the concerned faculty and will be awarded minimum 4 to 5 five marks. Generally these questions will be given from previous question papers and they may also ask the same question for external examinations.

Subjective Examinations

Each test will be conducted for 4 units as per the syllabus, 4 questions will be given and 2 should be answered each question carries 5 marks. One way is that student should have to prepare at least 2 units perfectly to score well. Another way of preparation of exams is when the faculty teaches the lessons definitely the will tell important chapters, topics. The faculty while teaching will stress of the important questions as they will be necessary from examination point of view. If the follows the above techniques and prepare accordingly, he will get minimum 8 marks.


Objective Examinations

20 objective questions will be given; each question will be awarded ½ marks. The best way to prepare for this examination is to take old question papers of minimum 3 years and from these years you will get 120 questions from 4 units, these questions are enough to score minimum 15 to 20 marks in each subject.

The average of the 2 internal examinations will be considered for awarding 25 marks in a semester and average of 3 internal examinations will be considered for awarding 25 marks for I year B.Tech.

In the above evaluation method you will see that those who are having good presentation skills they will get 15 marks (5 assignment, 10 subjective) and those who are having good memorizing skills they will get 15 marks (5 assignment, 10 objective). 


Internal & External laboratory examinations

Internal Lab examination evaluated for 25 marks, out of 25 marks, 15 marks for day to day work and 10 marks awarded for the performance in the internal lab examination by the concerned laboratory teacher. Students can easily get 15 marks for day to day evaluation, only they have to do that very punctual to all the laboratory classes, laboratory records should be written in all respects. 

External laboratory examinations conducted for 50 marks, each laboratory subject consists of 10 to 20 experiments, and students should through at least 8 experiments. 

I personally feel that in the Engineering practical knowledge is most important than the theory, hence students should concentrate on practical to acquire knowledge; this will helps to get good job after completion of B.Tech course. 


Industry oriented mini Project

Students has to do mini project in collaboration with the industry in their specialization after III year B.Tech II semester examinations (i.e., in between of III and IV year B.Tech vacation period). This project will be evaluated for 50 marks along with Main Project at the end of IV year B.Tech. There shall be no internal marks for mini project.

Seminar Presentation

Students' have to prepare a seminar on their interesting topics and they have to present before the committee. They have to show their understanding, presentation skills, communicating skills during the presentation. Seminar Presentation shall be evaluated for 50 marks and there is no external examination. Students have to practice well to get high score. 

Comprehensive Viva-Voce

Comprehensive Viva Voce will be evaluated for 100 marks and there are no internal marks. It is aimed to assess the students' understanding in various subjects studied during his/her B.Tech course. Students' have to make notes on each subject overview and prepare well so that they can get good marks.

Main Project

Main Project work evaluated for 200 marks. Students' have to give two seminars for internal evaluation, based on 2 seminars he will be awarded maximum 50 marks. Candidate has to do one main project during the IV year B.Tech II semester and it will be evaluated for 150 marks.

Tips for External theory examinations

At the end of the each semester, the external theory examinations will be conducted for 75 marks covering with the syllabus of 8 units. The question paper consists of 8 questions, out of 8 which 5 are to be answered in three hours duration and each caries 15 marks. Some of the methods are mentioned below for scoring in the end examinations.

At least 6 units should be prepared thoroughly to get good score; students can choose first the difficulty one and then the easiest units out of 8 units. Another way is first two units will have basics of the subject and last unit will have syllabus on applications (normally these three units will have simple and easy in nature) from these direct questions may come in external examination.
Take 2 to 3 years old question papers for each subject and segregate unit wise questions. Select 3 best questions, which will cover entire topics of the unit, three questions in each unit are adequate for preparation.
The questions which are repeated 3 or more time in the previous examinations can also be considered for preparation. This should be the last in preparation.
Student should try to get maximum score in First year B.Tech as it has the syllabus of 10+2 standard.
Prepare your answers from standards text books so that when you present the answer in the end examination, it will give positive impact to the evaluator.
Every semester 6 theory subjects will have huge syllabus, students should plan and prepare from the first day of the class commencement, otherwise it is very difficult to get good score in the examinations.


General Examination Tips

a. Students should develop good handwriting skills, to impress the faculty and the evaluator; there is scope to give more marks with the good hand writing.

b. Even after good preparation if the candidate is not able to present well the answer then entire preparation will goes waste. Students should try and develop good presentation skills to score well, for this writing the notes while preparation will develop them to write fast and presentation skills.

c. Read the question paper for 10 minutes, understand the questions, even then if you do not understand don't panic, try to find out the known words from the question and co-relate with the known answers.

d. Answer the question which are well prepared, if you write well known answers first, it will give good impression to the examiner/evaluator, then he/she may give more marks.

e. Write the answer as per requisite, don't write excess and don't waste your valuable time

Finally I would like to suggest eleventh hour preparation is not sufficient to get good score in B.Tech course, you have to start the preparation from day one.