Facebook tests "click for more " to boost videos on desktop

20 Dec 2015    05:38 pm

Facebook tests "click for more " to  boost videos on desktop



                   Now facebook is testing a new "click for more" feature for desktop usres of the service.click on the prompt,or anywhere on the screen  expands the video and provides user with a bigger view and collection of realted videos and adds.Earlier the videos used to puse when we click on the screen.People spend more time on the platform peopole may dip in just to check on whats new on thier feed or what they friends are posting having more vidoes mayhelp them for linger for longer or become reason to vist facebook.com.Other reason is to bring more premium video based advertising as big brands turn to digital platform to promote thier products .On mobile web,its most pareddown experince of all its nice to be less noisy just the video.previosly the enhancement was also made and this time desktop increase video viewing those who acess it earlier it showed watch later button for some users