Free Download VLC Media player Shortcuts

10 Jun 2015    04:18 pm

Free Download VLC Media player Shortcuts:

VLC Media player is a product of Videolan. It is a media player which can play all type of audio and video media files. Some of the working keyboard hot keys of vlc media player are:

  • s                     stop
  • backspace      play/pause
  • n                    Next track
  • p                    previous track
  • +                  Increase the speed of the playback
  • -                  decrease the speed of the playback
  • ctrl+ up arrow key             Increase Volume
  • ctrl+ down arrow key           Decrease volume
  • Ctrl+ right arrow key          fast forward near about 1 min
  • ctrl+ left arrow key           fast rewind near about 1 min
  • shift+ right arrow key         fast forward near about 4 sec
  • shift+ left arrow key          fast rewind near about 4 sec
  • alt+ right arrow key           fast forward near about 10 sec
  • alt+ left arrow key            fast rewind near about 10 sec
  • ctrl+0             open file
  • ctrl+shift+o       Advanced open file
  • ctrl+f             Open a folder
  • Ctrl+d             Open disc or cd/dvd drive
  • ctrl+n             open Network streaming
  • ctrl+c             Open capture device        
  • ctrl+v             open location from clipboard
  • ctrl+y             Save playlist to file
  • ctrl+r             convert/save
  • ctrl+s             streaming
  • ctrl+q             quit
  • ctrl+t             jump to a specific time
  • ctrl+e             Effects and filters
  • ctrl+I             Media Information
  • ctrl+j             Codec Information
  • ctrl+B             Bookmarks
  • ctrl+w             VLM configuration
  • ctrl+m             Message
  • ctrl+p             Preference
  • ctrl+q             quit

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