Google Features You Probably Don’t Know About

28 Jul 2015    02:53 pm

Google Features You Probably Don’t Know About

In the whole world everyone is using as a Search Engine. Now a days everthing we got from the google. Worlds No.1 Site for Search Engine. In this most of them doesn't know about some cool Features about Google. Let's find out below:

Some of the awesome things you can do with Google include:


1. Set a timer

Type something timings like "twenty minute timer", it will automatially starts the timer.

2. Explore Mars

CLICK HERE to Explore the Mars

3. To take a virtual flight through Google Earth, press CTRL + Alt + A

With this you want to download the Google Earth and then you will take a virtual flight through Google Earth while pressing Ctrl+Alt+A.

4. Get a bunch of resources on anything in one page

CLICK HERE to redirect the page like "What do you love?", just enter any word in that particular search box, it will give like the below screen.

5. Find new, free fonts

CLICK HERE to go the page regarding the Fonts and its styles for setting Google fonts like below screen.

6. Plan your wedding

CLICK HERE to go the page having "Plan your Wedding". In this we can plan our wedding plan and make invitations through mails and sms text. See the below screen you will get the point.

7. Learn how to pronounce long numbers

If you are unable to learn how to pronounce long numbers like '12589632', no need to worry about that Google gives you the pronounce the long numbers. Just enter the number with equals to english or any other Google supported Languages.

For Example:


8. Search flights and avoid airline websites

No need to search airlines website for searching and booking just CLICK HERE to redirect to Google Flights.

9. Hand-write characters you can’t type to translate

You can write chatecters with hand writing, Google will automatically translate and check whether it is correct or not. CLICK HERE to go the Google Translate page.

10. Build stuff with LEGO

CLICK HERE to Build your stuff like planning a buliding or bridge or roads etc., using Google LEGO you can easily bulid your plans.

11. Explore beyond our galaxy

Just search on the Google for Explore our Galaxy, it will come like searching the Galaxy or exploring the Galaxy. The below screen shows you the exact about Exploring beyond our galaxy.


12. Have Google fetch your info

CLICK HERE to fetch your Information thrrough Google. It will redirect to the below screen.

13. Learn some geography trivia

With Google Maps you can learn not some maximum geography trivia or maps, routes etc.,

14. Play Atari Breakout

If you are feeling bore or out of mind then Google provides you to play Atari Breakout game, just CLICK HERE to enter into the Game.

15. Compare the popularity of words through history

It is like Google Books Ngram Viwer, it is used to give you the exact graph regarding the popularity of words thrrough history. CLICK HERE to see the Graph.

16. Ask for reminders for things you search with Google Now

You can keep a Reminders on Google for any tasks.

17. Look at high resolution pictures of famous art

CLICK HERE to look at High Resolution pictures of famous Art. The below page will be open.

18. To open a task manager specifically for Chrome, press Shift + Esc

19. Always know how long the drive is with Google Now

20. And never forget where you parked

CLICK HERE to know the Parking Location on Google Now.


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