HOLUS Takes Any Media From Your Phone and Turn Them Into 3D Holograms

29 Jun 2015    03:36 pm

HOLUS Takes Any Media From Your Phone and Turn Them Into 3D Holograms

With the appearance of Holography and the onset of devices like MICROSOFT HOLOLENS, holograms are the part of the new technical era and occupy much of the technical enthusiast’s minds.

So, H+ Technologies from Vancouver have developed a unique tabletop device called Holus which can convert any digital content into a 3D hologram. It was launched as a KickStarter on June 10, 2015.

Coming into the Features of HOLUS, The device, basically, is a square shaped tabletop platform wrapped a glass pyramid which is at the core of the technology. The digital content or media to be converted is projected from below upon this glass pyramid which in turn, gives out a 3D image.

But the twist in tale is the fact that this image is not truly a 3D image which we are familiar with. The image obtained can only be viewed from 360 degrees around the device.

The device comes in two versions: one is Pro and the other is Home. The point of difference in both the versions is that Pro is slightly bigger and comes with an SDK license to generate apps for the device. The SDK developed by the company supports game engines such as Unity 3D and Unreal and also plugins like Occipital.

The company is expecting to start the delivery of the product by 2016 at the price of $850.