How To Correct Your Name On Marks Memos,Provisional Certificates

27 May 2015    01:38 pm

How To Correct Your Name On Marks Memos,Provisional Certificates

           Today we are going to know about how to correct your name on ars memos and provisional certificates and Consolidated Marks Memo(CMM). No one don’t know about this process of modification and we are know the solution to this problem.There are so many reasons for this names printed incorrectly issue  So,now we are going to know about.

How To Correct

Names,Date of Birth and Other Details on Marks Memos,Provisional Certificates,Consolidated Marks Memo(CMM) all university and colleges are give the correct name as per the SSC. The steps need to correct the names.


  • Please check your name and other details while writing and applying online exams
  • Check disciplining in the notice board.
  • If u find any in-corrections in the you names or other details
  • First inform to the college examination section in-charge or your department HOD about the problem
  • And you can submit the details with necessary prof of documents.
  • You can also correct the name and other details while applying  Marks Memos,Provisional Certificates,Consolidated Marks Memo(CMM)  at the university by submitting a letter with necessary documents.
  • And apply for re correction of certificates on your colleges.