How to create multiple gmail accounts in your Android mobiles

8 Jul 2015    12:48 pm

How to create multiple gmail accounts in your Android mobiles

Gmail is the Google Electronic mail for sending mails and chatting and video calls through Hangouts. Now a days maximum numbers of people are using Android mobiles, so every must have Gmail accounts. Here some of them are maintaing multiple accounts like personal account, official account etc., Most of them don't know about the adding multiple accounts in Android mobiles, This article provides you how to Create multiple gmail accounts in your Android mobiles.

Below are the Steps to Create multiple accounts:

1. For Creating second google or gmail account, open settings and search for +Add Account and touch on that.

2. After clicking on +add Account button you can able to see all types of accounts with their Icons. Select Google account. 

3. After that you can see the below screen like " Want to create new or Exixting" like. If you have already acoount then click on Existing otherwsie click on new.

4. JNTUFORUM gives you this article for existing gmail Account holders. Just click on the "Existing". It will redirect to another screen. 

5. Enter your Email address along with passsword and touch the below arrow on the right side.

6. You will get one pop up box like an Conformation on the account. Click OK. 

7. It will take some time to Authenticate your account details. 

8. After that the below screen will appear just click below arrow for continue the process. 

9. The below screen is for payment and other details like adding Debit card and Credit card for any future purchasing. just click on the Skip button on the screen. 

 10. Final step is if you want to synchronize all details like photos, contacts, calendars, google drive etc., then mark all otherwaise unmark all and touch the below arroew for continuos.

11. The below screen is like the multiple accounts appearing in same Android mobile. The account Icon which is left side that is in Active state and rest is in left side is inactive state. If you that left side account jus touch on that account, it will redirect to the active state.

That's it you created the mutiple accounts in your Android mobile.
If you get any problem during the above mentioned process then feel free to comment below