How to download a video from Youtube and Facebook

17 Apr 2015    03:13 pm

Steps to Download the video from Youtube:

Step 1:

Initially you have to download one software called "Youtube Downloader". You can download Here.

Step 2:

Open the rar file and double click on the .exe file it will install. After that goto the Youtube Page.

Step 3:

Browse any video from Youtube and select video and open it. Here in the URL bar you can see the link address, so copy that link.

Step 4:

After copying the Link open the software which you installed. There you can see the Address bar, so move the cursor on the address bar and paste the Link.

Step 5:

Default the video would be downloaded in the C drive. Here we can change the path.

Step 6:

After changing the path and paste the link, you can see the Download button Click the button.


That's it your video will be downloaded very soon....


Steps to Download the video from Facebook:

Step 1:

Here you can download the video by using Youtube Downloader. Open your Facebook account and search for the video which you have to Download.

Step 2:

After selecting the Video, donot open that. Just move the cursor and right click on the video click on "Copy Link Address".

Step 3:

Open the YTD Downloader and paste the link in the URL bar.

Step 4:

After pasting the link then you can see the Download button click on that.


That's it your favourite video will be downloaded soon.....


These are the simple steps to downoad the videos from Youtube and Facebook.