How to download Audio songs from Youtube

10 Jul 2015    11:47 am

How to download Audio songs from Youtube:

                 This aricel is very interesting and less in time to learn these following steps. All of you know that How to download youtube videos, but here most of them don't know about how to download Audio from Youtube. Let's see the following steps to download audio from Youtube. 

Simple steps to Download the Audios from Youtube:

Step1: Go to

Step2: Select any video to download anly audio from that video.

Step3: After selecting the conent Copy the URL like

Step4: Open another tab and open site called "".

Step5: There you can see like Youtube Mp3 below one empty box and below 'Convert video' button is there right?

Step6: What ever you are copied from the Youtube and paste it on the empty column box

Step7: Click on the Convert video button.

Step8: After downloading you will see one like "video successfully converted to Mp3" and having Download.

Step9: Just click on Download and your audio will downloaded automatically.

That's it, You did a Great job.


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