How to Feel Confident and build positiveness

24 Mar 2016    07:22 pm

Self talk: Look yourself in the mirror and persuade yourself that you are you and that you ARE brilliant. Convince yourself that there is nothing for you to hide from except yourself. Make fierce and confident poses in the mirror, this will make you think positive!

Think positively: When it comes down to it, reality is perception. If you feel confident, you are. If life is falling apart around you but you don't notice, it's not really falling apart, now is it? So get on thinking those happier thoughts! You're not deluding yourself one way or another -- don't worry that you're being silly for thinking positively -- you're just taking control.

When you catch yourself thinking, "God, I'm so fat," STOP. Go back. Reframe. Say it again, only this time think, "I'm unhappy with my weight. What am I doing about it?" It doesn't have to be all sunshine and rainbows; you just have to be less hard on yourself.

Positive thinking leads to a positive, more confident disposition. You know what happens when you think negatively about yourself? It becomes habit and all of a sudden you're thinking negatively about everything. You become gossip-y and complain-y and one of those people that is always putting something else down.