How to increase Internet speed in dongle, modem and others ?

7 Apr 2015    12:36 pm

Getting sick of slow Internet speed ? In this article you will learn about Five best ways to increase Internet speed.Learn Top 5 tricks to increase Internet speed.

Every Internet user wishes for a faster Internet connection or a ways to increase internet speed. You will not find anyone who might not want to boost up Internet speed. In this modern world Internet is a very huge library, it is a medium of education, entertainment and infotainment. If you have slow Internet speed then it waste your time because you are surfing at very slow speed even though pages can load faster. This is waste of resource and time, when time is money today.


In this article I will teach some best tricks and practices which can be used by you to improve internet speed. Actually even though you have paid for an slow Internet plan, you can still increase the speed of Internet by some techniques which I am going to to teach you in this article.

Here are the top 5 ways to increase Internet speed -

Here we go,

#1. Change DNS Server

What is DNS ?

Domain Name Server or DNS is a server which simply converts the names of websites into their address, IP Address. Could you open Google by typing in your browser ?
Yeah! you can but could you remember these long 10 digits number to access Google ? No, they are hard to remember. But could you use to access Google ? Yeah! It’s easy to remember.
DNS Server do this for you, it converts to
DNS Server plays a major role in Internet speed.

How Internet works ?

When you type in your Browser then your ISP’s Domain Name Server or DNS translates name, into an address, and then you are able to see public root directory of Google, Google’s homepage! By switching to a fast and powerful DNS server, you can improve your internet experience along with speed. This method works of most of the version of Microsoft Windows.

Warning: Before changing anything, make sure to note down default input. It would be helpful in case if this trick doesn’t work. Use at your own risk!

Follow the given steps to change Domain Name Server: 

How to change Domain Name Server in Windows XP ?

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Switch to ‘Classic View’ if you haven’t yet.
3. Open ‘Network Connections’ by double clicking on it.
4. Now select your Connection, if it is LAN then select Local Area Network or if it is Modem then select your Modem.
5. Right click on your Network Connection, LAN or Modem
6. Select ‘Properties’
8. Properties dialog box will appear, Now click on ‘Networking’ tab.
9. Double click on ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’.
10. Select radio/option button saying, “Use the following DNS server addresses:”
11. Now in ‘Preferred DNS server” enter following:
12. In ‘Alternate DNS server’ enter the following:
13. Click OK, Again Click OK, if prompted again click OK
14. Restart Computer.

How to change Domain Name Server in Windows Vista and Windows 7 ?

1. Open ‘Control Panel’.
2. Open ‘Network and Internet’ from the ‘Control Panel’.
3. From ‘Network and Internet’, select ‘Network and Sharing Center’.
4. Now select ‘Change adapter settings’ from left of the window.
5. Right click on your Network Connection, LAN or Modem or Wireless whatever.
6. Select Properties.
7. Make sure you have select Networking tab
8. Under section, ‘This connection uses the following items’, highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and click ‘Properties’.
9. Select option/radio button, saying “Use the following DNS server addresses:” and enter the following-
In ‘Preferred DNS server:’ enter :
In ‘Alternate DNS server:’ enter :
10. Click OK and then Click OK again and restart your Computer.


Linux users can do the above in Gnome PPP and Network Connections, in Ubuntu flavour Linux. That’s it! Now your Internet Speed must have been increased. Your Internet speed would have been increase by 20%. and are DNS Server of Google. Tip: You can also replace by (Open DNS’s DNS Server) and by 

#2. Unlock reserved bandwidth

If you are using Windows Operating System then you might not be aware of fact that 20% of of your total Internet bandwidth is ‘Locked’ for ‘Windows Update’ purpose. If you will perform following tweak then you can Increase your Internet Speed by 20% ! In this trick we will unlock this reserved internet speed by a simple and easy tweak.

Follow the given steps to unlock reserved bandwidth

1. Goto Start, than Run
Press WinKey + R
2. In Run type GPEDIT.MSC and hit Enter
3. Group Policy Editor Window will be launched.
4. From left hand side, Navigate to Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> QOS Packet Scheduler
5. Now Look for setting like ‘Limit reservable bandwidth’
6. Right click on ‘Limit reservable bandwidth’ and select properties
7. By default it will set to ‘Not Configured’, Now Select ‘Enable’ and set Bandwidth Limit to 0%
8. Click on OK and Close Group Policy Editor Window.

Please note that few versions of Windows doesn’t come with Group Policy Editor(or GPEDIT) installed and you might get a not found error.

#3. Disable JavaScript

Most of the websites on world wide web uses JavaScript on their pages. JavaScript is used to add some extra effects or feature in the page. JavaScript takes too much time to load and can be reason of delay in page loading time. When you are looking for an information in text state then you can turn off JavaScript from your browser to make pages load much much faster. But this will be not helpful if you want to chat with a friend on Facebook, for example. 

Follow the Given steps to disable JavaScript in your Web Browser:

a. Mozilla Firefox

1. On the top menu bar, select Tools
[ For Linux Users, On Top menu bar, select Edit ]
2. Click on Options
[ For Linux Users, Click on Preferences
3. Navigate to Content Tab
4. Un-chek Enable JavaScript option
5. Click on Ok

b. Internet Explorer

1. Click on Tool, present on top menu bar
2. Click on Internet Options
3. Navigate to Security Tab
4. Select Custom Level
5. Keep scrolling until you find a label named 'Scripting'
6. Under 'Active Scripting', select Disable and Click OK button

c. Google Chrome

1. On the Toolbar , Find and Click on Spanner Icon
2. Click on Options
3. Navigate under the Hood tab
4. Click on Content settings in the 'Privacy'
5. In the JavaScript section of Google chrome select Do not allow any sites to run JavaScript

For other Browsers, Look into the Manual of Browser or Search Google.

#4. Turn off automatic updates

Windows has an inbuilt feature which downloads and installs new patches and updates in your computer when you get connected with Internet. These updates are most of the time very large in size and keep downloading in the background. Since downloading of updates goes on in the background, it leads to slow down of Internet speed. You can increase Internet speed by disabling automatic updates feature of Windows.

How to Turning off Automatic Updates will Increase the Internet speed ?

It's quite simple, Once you turn off Automatic Updates feature in Windows, your Computer will never check for New updates and neither it will download them. So, there would be nothing to download in background and as a result your Internet will speedup.

How to turnoff Automatic Updates in Windows XP ?

1. Open 'Control Panel'.
2. Make sure you have 'Classic view' enabled.
3. Double click on 'System'.
4. Navigate to 'Automatic Updates' tab.
5. From 'Automatic Updates' tab, Uncheck 'Keep my computer up to date.' and hit OK to save the settings.

That's it.

How to turnoff Automatic Updates in Windows 7 ?

1. Click on Start button.
2. In Start, in search box type 'System and Security'.
3. Now move to 'Windows Update' and then 'Turn automatic updating on or off'.
4. Move to 'Important updates' section and from under it, select 'Never check for updates' from drop down menu.
5. Click on OK to save the settings.

That's it.

Please note: We have disabled Automatic Updates only to Increase Internet speed, it is recommend to manually check and download update(s) Once in a week or at least Once in a month.

#5. Disable applications which are using your Internet connection

            Some applications use your Internet connection in background for many things such as checking for new update, updating software etc. These application will use your Internet connection every time when you are connected with Internet, even though it is not required. You can increase the speed of Internet by disabling Internet access of these kind of application.

Why Should I find which applications are using my internet Connection ?

  • To increase your current Internet speed
  • To ensure, that no program is sending your Personal Data without your Permission, it might be hacker's virus program
  • To save internet bandwidth.

How can I know which Programs are Accessing my Internet Connection ?

Just follow the Given Simple Steps:

1. Download TCPEye from here [Softpedia's Link]
2. Install TCPEye in your Computer
3. If you want to know which programs are using your Internet connection, launch TCPEye program.
4. When you will run TCPEye you will see different processes which are using your Internet Connection.
That’s It !

For Instance, If you will run TCPEye while using Firefox, you can observe Firefox’s process in TCPEye window.

If you want to block Internet Access for Particular program, Right Click on that Process, and Select End Process.

Tip: There might be too many SVCHOST process, it is suggested to terminate all the SVCHost processes and leave only one SVCHost Process.
There might be some programs which secretly(Not always) access your Internet connection, these types of Processes are normally under SVCHOST process. Expand SVCHost process and find the program and terminate its process.

Tip: If you are advance computer user, you may find some virus program which are using your Internet connection. You should terminate these type of processes and should find the location of virus program and delete it permanently.

That’s it. These were Top #5 best internet tricks which one can perform to increase speed of internet. If you find any difficulty or want to share your experience or know something more about it, you are always welcome to comment.