How to Link voter ID card with Aadhaar Card (Aadhaar Seeding)

22 Mar 2015    08:42 pm

Joining voter id with Aadhar Card is must now and here is the process to join the Aadar card and voter id together. There are around  four methods to be followed to join Aadhar card with Voter id

Here are the list of four methods to join ( Seeding Aadhar ) Aadhar and Voter id card


1. Online Linking (through official web site).

2. Mobile linking ( through Android or IOS mobile applications).

3. Linking by sending an SMS.

4. Linking through call center.

Here is the clear description and methods to follow for each process.

1. Online Linking 

I.  First you need to visit official website of the Chief Electoral Officer : Here 

II. First you need to enter your EPIC ID (voter id card number)

III. Then you need to enter your UID (Aadhar Card number 16 digits)

IV. Enter your mobile Number for receiving OTP (one time password). ( You can use any number for the verification )

V. Finally click on the “VALIDATE BUTTON”


2. Mobile linking ( through Android, IOS and Windows mobile applications) :

You have a mobile applications for all the three mobile platforms which are Android, Windows and IOS. Here are the download links which we provided them below.

a. Android App 

b. IOS App

c. Windows App

3. Linking by sending an SMS :

If you want to link your aadhar and voter id card with the help of simple SMS, just msg the number of aadhar and voter id in the format which is shown below to 08790499899 

SEEDEPIC [space] [EPIC No] [space] [Aadhaar No]

4. Linking through call center :

This will be the most easiest process. You need to call 1950 between 10 am to 5 pm and  give them the EPIC Id number of your voter id and UID number of your aadhar card and operator will help you in joining your cards.



If you face any kind of problems in this process just ask us through below comments