How to Make Your Smartphone Charge Faster

7 Dec 2015    02:19 pm

How to Make Your Smartphone Charge Faster

The most important and continous problem for Smart phone users is Charging Charging here are the some tips and how to make your Smart phone Charge speed. Follow the tips for long last charging.

Use the Correct Outlet

Donot use usb cables to charge your smart phone, due to low power in laptop or external charger, your mobile charging will reduce performance and battery life. So use charger which is given by the mobile company. With this your smartphone will get speed charge. Do not use outlets.

Turn On Airplane Mode

While turning on Airplane mode your smarphone will charge very fast why because on Airplane mode cellular services will be stopped and cannot access to call or text. With this you can gain some speed charge. And also while charging your smart phone do not use your mobile like gaming, texting, social media etc., keep it aside then you will get speed charging.

Turn the Phone Off

If you are not doing anything with your phone, the best thing you can do is to turn it off in order to charge it faster. I know it’s hard to press that off button, but you can do it. By turning off your phone, all the energy goes to charging your phone and not lighting up the phone’s display.

Turn Off Unnecessary Services

Before you plug in your phone, make sure that services such as GPS, Bluetooth, Push Notifications, NFC, and Wi-Fi are turned off. Don’t allow your phone to update apps automatically or make backups. Also, avoid touching the phone’s display every ten seconds since this, too, drains your phone battery.

Use a Reliable USB Cable

To get the best charging results, always use the USB cable that came with your phone. If you use those cheap imitations (or those with thin cable), they might not transmit the maximum amount of energy, and your device will charge much slower.

Unplug Once It Reaches 100%

Keeping the phone plugged in when it has reached 100% is something I think we are all guilty of. You might think that by keeping it plugged in, more energy can be packed in there. This hurts your devices battery in the long run and affects how fast it can charge. Once it reaches 100%, unplug it, and it woo’t hurt at all if it doesn’t even reach 100% since high voltage stresses the battery.

The Naked Truth

The truth is that the removing your phone’s case will help keep it cool while charging and, therefore, keep your phone’s battery healthy. If you have a healthy battery, the faster it’s going to charge.