How to Reduce Exam Stress

11 May 2015    05:26 pm

Exam stress, like most stress, mainly comes down to feeling out of control.Here are some tips on how to deal with exam stress.

1. Be prepared

                 Make sure you know what you are supposed to have learned and that you have all your notes, books and essays to hand. Do you know what format the exam takes and how the marks are allocated? If not, ask your teacher and/or study the marking scheme, which is often on the exam board’s website.

2. Make a plan

                Make sure you have to plan for how to study, what to study and when to study like that you can feel free while studying. Making plan is a very good habit for every student, with this you can reduce your stress about confusion.

3. Know when and where you work best

             You must know the points like When your work will be the best and where will be your work best. with this also you dont need to stress, keep your mind very calm and cool and then you will get the points about your best work. 

4. Take a Break

             Psychologists suggest that we can only concentrate properly for about 45 minutes at one stretch, Take breaks to stay refreshed. taking break gives you mind divertion and gives you concentration on studies. Donot take break more than 45minutes, if you take then you cannot get intrest on studies. So less break more study.

5. Eat Well

             While studying most of the students does not eat well, because while eating also students thinking about studies, exams etc., so while eating donot think just eat well and take minimum amount of food for you. If you take huge amount then you will get sleep and turned into lazy, so eat properly and timely.

6. Drink well

                      Drink water every hour, with this you will get concentration and donot turn into lazy. Dont prefer juices and sugary items with this you will get lazy and lose energy levels. 

7. Get exercise

                This is probably one of the best ways of dealing with exam stress. Anything from walking the dog to going for a swim, run or bike ride helps reduce physical tension that can lead to aches and pains, and releases natural feel-good brain chemicals. If you can’t get motivated, rope in friends – it’s much harder to make excuses.

8. Sleep well

                Tossing and turning the night before an exam is understandable, and our bodies are able to cope with lack of sleep for a day or so. Worrying about not being able to nod off only makes matters worse but there are many things you can do to help, starting by reading our article on beating sleep problems. So sleep well.

9. Talk about it with someone

                     Almost everyone finds exams stressful – so you are not alone. Expressing your worries to a good friend, family member, your school tutor or a student counsellor will help get them out of your system.

10. Think Positive

                    Positive thinking is very important for a successful life. A positive thinker always makes best out of every situation. Spend time with people who have a positive effect. It will rub off on you. Keep all unimportant and negative thoughts at bay. Avoid negative thoughts, such as 'Everyone else seems better organized, while I'm struggling.'  Rather challenge such thoughts with positive thinking; for example, 'I have done well in exams before.' Be confident and believe in yourself.