How to Register Mobile Number in SBI, HDFC, AXIS, ICICI and PNB Banks through ATM

21 May 2015    01:07 pm

Here are the some procedure to Register your mobile number in SBI, HDFC, AXIS, ICICI and Punjab Nation Bank Through ATM.

1. For SBI Bank users:

  • Go to the nearest SBI ATM center.
  • Swipe your debit card in ATM Machine
  • Enter your pin
  • Select Mobile Number Registration
  • If you want to Update then update your number by entering new mobile
  • Re-enter your mobile number
  • Finally conform it.
  • You have successfully updatedd your mobile number.

2. For HDFC Bank users:

  • To change mobile number, please click here to download the Application Form
  • The Application Form should be duly filled and signed by all Account Holder/s
  • Submit the duly filled Application Form at the nearest Branch.

Note: In case you are unable to visit the branch, you can send the Form by postal service or courier. You can also send us the request for mobile number change through a written letter, duly signed by all Account Holder/s.

3. For AXIS Bank Users:

  • Insert the card and enter PIN number
  • Select ‘Registrations’
  • Select ‘Mobile Number Update'
  • You would see the message ‘Your account number 91xxxxxxxxxxxxx is already registered with Axis Bank. Would you like to update your number now?’Please select ‘Update’ option
  • Enter the Mobile Number you want to update
  • Re-enter the Mobile Number
  • Finally select Conform.

4. For ICICI Bank users:

  • Insert your ATM card
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select "More options" in the screen
  • Select "Register Mobile number"
  • Enter your mobile number and hit Yes
  • Re-enter your mobile number and hit yes
  • That's it your mobile number will be activated within two days.

5. For Punjab National Bank users:

  • Firstly you have to go in PNB ATM with your debit card or ATM Card, and then you have to insert it in ATM machine.
  • After that you have to put your PIN number carefully.
  • Then choose the option of mobile number registration at the screen of ATM machine.
  • Thereafter you have to enter your own mobile number.
  • Once again you have to enter your own mobile number for the confirmation that whether you have enter your mobile number is right or wrong.
  • At last you have to follow to select your account type information. After following these steps your mobile number will be successively registered.