How to use Whatsapp on Computer without using any Android Emulators

12 May 2015    12:39 pm

Hello Guys,

Here I will give a tutorial about using WhatsApp Web Version.

First of all you need to update a newer version of WhatsApp which is available on Google Play Store.Kindly go to Play Store and update your old version to newer one.Below is the Step by Steps Guide.

1. Go to Google Play Store and Download Latest version of Whatsapp messenger or update your current version.

2. Now Open WhatsApp on Your Phone.

3. Tap on setting button.

4. Now Choose WhatsApp Web Option.

5. Now You will see a window to scan a QR Code. Now the first part ends here. Now just go through the second part.

6. Now open your Chrome browser and go to . There you could see a window like this. There you can see the QR code which you want to scan.

7. Use your Mobile to scan this QR code. Within 2 or 3 seconds, Whatsapp get scanned this QR code and you will be log into the Web Interface of Whatsapp. Here is a sample screenshot of my Whatsapp web account.

Whatsapp web enables you to make your whatsapp typing speed unbelievable. Almost all feature of Whatsapp application is also visible in Whatsapp web. After you get Sign in to your account, you could see your recent chats and contact details there. Notification feature can be enable if you want notification at particular interval of time. There is also option to turn off alerts and sounds if you don’t want that. But there is no option to change your profile picture through whatsapp web. While you choose the profile and status button from the settings, you could only see the current profile picture and status and there is no option to change it.