HP Elite x3 First Look

27 Feb 2016    07:43 pm

It was perhaps HP that surprised us the most at this year's MWC. The company took to the trade show to unveil the HP Elite x3, a smartphone that runs Windows 10 Mobile and leverages Microsoft's Continuum feature to also serve as a computer with both a desktop and laptop dock. We got a chance to play with the handset on the trade show floors, and you can check out our initial impressions of the HP Elite x3 in the video.

The HP Elite x3 is only the second smartphone from the American company to offer Microsoft's mobile operating system. The two companies have partnered to build an elegant, metal-clad large smartphone that feels very premium. The 6-inch smartphone, much like any other smartphone of this form-factor, is very difficult to operate using one hand, though its large and sharp display make up for it.

The smartphone is also IP67-certified, which means that it can withstand dust and immersion in water for up to 1 metre for about 30 minutes.