Hyderabad’s new anthem-Jimpak Chipak

14 Mar 2016    07:15 pm

Have you heard Jimpak Chipak, the Telugu-English rap that’s going viral?

There are many things that go into making one a Hyderabadi. No, it is not necessary to eat biryani and have Irani chai everyday. The unique lingo, the handshake, the ‘marfaa’ moves, dancing to the ‘teen maar’ beat, are all elements that constitute the distinct ‘Hyderabadi’ package. So when a group of individual musicians with their uniqueness come together, it is imperative they create Hyderabad’s new anthem called ‘Jimpak Chipak’.

This music video created by Uneek, emcee Mike, Om Sripathi and Sunny Austin is not to be missed if one thought that Telugu music cannot go beyond Devi Sri Prasad’s creativity and Thaman’s innumerable drum beats. ‘Jimpak Chipak’ is an English-Telugu rap which isn’t just fun but also ignites the dormant Hyderabadi in you.

The musicians have brought in everything in the video that makes the youth of Hyderabad happening. “Talk about facebook likes, talk about comments, twitter craze, it is all there. It was well thought of when the idea was germinating.

We didn’t want it to be seasonal track. Music lives on and that’s what we did with the video,” says Emcee Uneek.