Hyderabad students break media blackout, take protest outside the campus

29 Mar 2016    06:59 pm

Around 12 pm on Monday, the main gate of Hyderabad Central University was thrown open by hundreds of protesting students from inside to get out and speak to the press which wasn’t being allowed to enter the campus.

Even as the security personnel and police stationed at the gate resisted, students stormed outside – an act that signified their pent up anger against the authorities who had blocked all access to the university for the media.

The movement was now out in the open for all to witness and capture. Local and national press reporters huddled and hustled against each other to get the first visuals and reactions on their cameras after being denied entry to the campus for six days, which many claim has resulted in a virtual black-out of original reportage from the university.

“There are no media persons inside and we have no way to connect to them and show them how this campus has turned into a prison,” he said. “We are being treated like birds in a cage but today we will have to storm out and tell the press people about our struggle and make sure that our voice is heard till Delhi where nobody seems to care too much about all this.”