Intellectual Property Rights Quetion Bank

1 Feb 2016    08:02 pm

Subject: Intellectual Property Rights

Year: 3 Year 2 Semester Branch: ECE

Mid-1 Question Bank


Unit I

1) Define intellectual property.

2) Define trade mark.

3) What is copyright?

4) What is patent?

5) What is trade secret?

6) Classify international organizations which promote and protect

intellectual properties?

Unit II

1) Classify types of marks?

2) Laws and treaties governing trademarks-Recognize?

3) Define generic mark?

4) Define arbitary mark?

5) Define trade name?

6) What is TESS?

Unit III

1) What is rights of reproduction?

2) Define Copyright ownership.

3) List types of copyright application forms?



Unit I

1) Discuss about trade marks and service marks?

2) Explain importance of copyrights and patents?

3) Discuss about trade secrets?

4) Write about agencies which are responsible for intellectual property

5) Write about international organization which promote and protect

intellectual properties?

6) Explain increasing importance of intellectual property rights?

Unit II

1) a)  Write about purpose  and functions of trade marks?

b)  Write about federal registration advantages?

      2) a) Explain laws and treaties governing trademarks?

b) What are the protectable matter?Explain in detail.

      3) Explain the two step process of trademark search ?

      4) Explain how trademark search reports are evaluated?

      5) Explain registartion process of use based application?

      6) Explain filing process of intellectual property?

Unit III

1) What are the advantages provided to author from the copyright office?

2) A) What are the exceptions for the copyright?

b) Explain about originality of matter.

3) Write in detail about types of copyright application forms?