iOS 8 vs iOS 7: Know the Latest Difference!

1 Jun 2015    04:59 pm

iOS 8 vs iOS 7: Know the Latest Difference!

With the latest update of iOS, most of them might now prefer this version leaving behind the older one. iOS 8 was presented on June 2nd, at WWDC. All the Apple users were eagerly waiting for this particular update to get classy features other than which are in iOS 7. When you try to compare iOS 7 and iOS 8, there are plentiful changes that makes the latest update the best. Now let us have a glance at what all is added in iOS 8 as a part of the update.

Latest Difference between iOS8 and iOS7


Now you can connect your Mac book just by activating hot-spot on your iPhone. Share and edit documents both on iPhone and Mac book. This option was not available in iOS 7.

Message alerts:

Send messages with location and get do not disturb option for a particular app. Also includes to subscribe the privacy message called as VIP thread to make sure that your organization can see your current status. Notifications were on in iOS 7 but the additional options such as DND and VIP thread are added to iOS 8.

iCloud storage:

The capacity of the storage is increased to 5GB instead of 3GB in iOS 7. It is much easier to edit and share documents than iOS 7. Now you can store the data both on iPhone as well as Mac book. Previously there was an option to edit documents but there were some bugs which are fixed now.


Keyboard has totally changed when compared to iOS 7. Now the keyboard in iOS 8 is capable of recognizing the word or continuation of sentence as you type. This feature is almost similar to android versions.

Health App:

There was no health app in iOS 7. With the release of iOS 8, it is possible to check the status of blood pressure, walking distance, heart beat rate, calories burnt and many more. This change differs iOS 8 lot from iOS 7.

Family Sharing:

In iOS 8, there are chances to share an app with six members of your family. If there is anything to download to purchase from the store, it needs a permission from the credit card holder. This is something which was not present in iOS 7.

Some more changes:

Multi-task screen, notifications without running the app, lock screen permission to revive the notifications or not, update for safari browser for perfect results, enhancement in editing photos and voice recognition in 22 languages by Shazam music player. All these features were not a part of iOS 7, but with the latest update of iOS 8 all these features are now available for Apple users.

This is all how iOS 8 differs from iOS 7 in terms of features and latest apps. Hope you will enjoy using this latest updated OS form Apple!