Jamia’s Radical Islamist Student Deactivates FB Account After Being Outed As Terrorist Sympathiser

19 Dec 2019    08:23 pm

A photograph that has been accustomed target the law for its action throughout the anti-CAA protests within the Jamia space on Sunday (15 December) could have brought out Aysha Renna because the face of the agitation.

However, Aysha's Facebook page, that stands deactivated currently, recommended that she may not be associate degree proportional font student activist.

In one in every of the posts dated Gregorian calendar month thirty one, 2015, Aysha wrote -- "Yakub Memon, i'm sorry #am helpless during this fascist country, #I will regret lk a doll."


The screenshot of this post was wide circulated on social media once she became the face of the Jamia protests. But, the post couldn't be settled on scrolling through her Facebook ID.

When IANS tried contacting her through identical ID, Aysha ab initio failed to reply. Later the Facebook page was deactivated.

IANS contacted her husband, Afzal Rehman, World Health Organization blame the media and also the authorities of running a hate campaign against his family, whereas chatting with IANS.

Asked specifically concerning the truthfulness of the post within which Aysha supposedly contacts Yakub Memon, he declined to treat the post.

"I won't treat something, this is often a part of a hate campaign go by the media and also these authorities against my partner and the different woman in photograph," Afzal Rehman aforementioned.

When asked once more concerning the post and its credibleness, Rehman aforementioned, "I won't treat something."

In one in every of his Facebook posts, Afsal too had shared his sympathy with terrorists Yakub Memon and Afzal Guru.

Afzal Rahman, a journalist at India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} Tomorrow English and a contributor at Outlook India, Asianet News, Madhyamam, Maktoob Media, Manorama on-line and MediaOne TV, on his social media profile describes himself as "an unfinished sulaimani". MediaOne is Jamaat-e-Islami's high school media channel.

The social media profile of Aysha Renna says she is from Kondotty in Kerala. She has listed herself as a student and a secretary at affirmative Asian country with a Bachelors in English from Farook school. It says she lives in city.

In one in every of Rahman's posts with an image of his partner warning security personnel, that he shared on Facebook, he had aforementioned, "I don't savvy a lot of I ought to bow down before Allah to be blessed a more robust 0.5 like her. a lot of power to you my woman Renna. He can reward you for all the pains you bear." Renna was labelled within the post.

IANS in its previous report had dropped at lightweight that the hijab-clad girl protester, whose image and video have gone microorganism on social media since the violent protests against the Citizenship change Act (CAA), was related to Fraternity effort, that is that the youth organisation of Welfare Party of Asian country, political wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami-Hind (JeI), a conservative Moslem spiritual cluster.