JNTU-HYD & JNTU-ANANTAPUR : B.Tech 3-2 (R09) Text Books/E-Books

18 Mar 2015    12:12 pm

Here are the Text books of all the subjects in 3rd year 2nd semester of Jntu Hyderabad and Jntu Ananthapur. Download them for free and get them here each and every subject. We listed all the subjects which we are providing below. 


JNTU-HYD & JNTU-ANANTAPUR : B.Tech 3-2 (R09) Text Books/E-Books


Automobile Engineering        

Complier Design        

Computer Forensics    

Computer Graphics            

Computer Methods in Power Systems    

Data Warehousing and Data Mining            

Design of Machine Members II    

Digital Communications    

Digital Signal Processing        

Electrical Measurements            

Embedded Systems    

Engineering Optimization            

Environmental Studies            

Finite Element Methods    

Geotechnical Engineering II        

Heat Transfer        

Industrial Management            

Intellectual Property Rights    

Intellectual Property Rights & Cyber Law    

Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis            

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers        

Nano Technology        

Network Security        

Object Oriented Analysis & Design            

Object Oriented Programming            

Operating Systems    

Operations Research    

Power Semi Conductor Drives        

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning        

Renewable Energy Sources            

VLSI Design        

Water Resources Engineering II        

Web Technologies


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