JNTUH Btech 2nd, 3rd, 4th years Regular/Supple Exams Notification | R13, R09, R07, R05 – May/June 2015

14 Mar 2015    01:18 am


Below is the official examinations notification from jntu  for all the branches and years of the Btech Jntu Hyderabad expcept for the first years.

Fee details are also mention below. Examinations notification and last date for fee is mention below .

Download/view the notification from here: JNTUH EXAMINATIONS NOTIFICATION


Jntuh Exams Notifications

Jntuh Exams NotificationsJntuh Exams NotificationsJntuh Exams Notifications

Jntuh Exams Notifications

Jntuh Exams NotificationsJntuh Exams Notifications


 1 II B.Tech. I Sem.(R13)- Supplementary 11 III B.Tech. I Sem.(R05)-Supplementary 2 II B.Tech. I Sem.(R09)-Supplementary 12 III B.Tech. II Sem.(R09)-Regular & Supplementary 3 II B.Tech. I Sem.(R07)-Supplementary 13 III B.Tech. II Sem.(R07)-Supplementary 4 II B.Tech. I Sem.(R05)-Supplementary 14 III B.Tech. II Sem.(R05)-Supplementary 5 II B.Tech. II Sem.(R13)- Regular 15 IV B.Tech. I Sem.(R09)- Supplementary 6 II B.Tech. II Sem.(R09)-Supplementary 16 IV B.Tech. I Sem.(R07)-Supplementary 7 II B.Tech. II Sem.(R07)-Supplementary 17 IV B.Tech. I Sem.(R05)-Supplementary 8 II B.Tech. II Sem.(R05)-Supplementary 18 IV B.Tech. II Sem.(R09)- Regular & Supplementary 9 III B.Tech. I Sem.(R09)- Supplementary 19 IV B.Tech. II Sem.(R07)-Supplementary 10 III B.Tech. I Sem.(R07)-Supplementary 20 IV B.Tech. II Sem.(R05)-Supplementary