JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules and New Changes Implemented by the University

6 Jul 2017    03:58 pm

JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules for the Students Admitted Under JNTU Hyderabad R15 Regulation. Here we are with the info regarding the JNTUH R15 Promotion Rules and the new changes which are newly implemented by the University.

Rules For the Award of the Degree of B.Tech:

  • A Student will be eligible for the award of the Degree of B.Tech if he registers for 2224 Credits and Secures not less than 216 Credits Out Of 224 Credits.
  • A Student can also opt for the Exemption of two subjects which must contain to 8 Credits. It may be one open elective and one elective subject or two elective subjects. 
  • Students Can not opt for the Exemption of Compulsory Subjects Such as, All Practical Subjects, Industry Oriented Mini Projects, Viva, Seminar or Project Work.

Minimum Academic Requirements for the Promotion in Next Year:

1. A Student is eligible to write the University Examination Only he secures 75% Attendance during the Semester.

2. Condonation of Shortage of Attendance is Upto 10%. So the Students Securing not less than 65% can be granted to write the Examinations, but not less than that.

3. The Students will be promoted to next year, if he/she has secured not less than 35% marks in the Externals Examinations and not less that 40% marks collectively in Internals and End Term Examinations.

4.To be promoted from I Year to II Year, every Student must Secure 28 Credits Out of 56 Credits in the First Year. So A Students will not be promoted from I Year to II Year if he fails to Secure 28 Credits along with the prescribed attendance.

5. A Students will not be promoted from II Year to III Year in he fails to Secure 50 Credits Out of 84 Credits in II-I or 68 Credits up II-II out of 112 Credits. It doesn’t matter whether he has missed any examination. Also, A Student must fulfill the Attendance requirements along with these.

6. To be promoted from III Year to IV Year, every student must Secure not less than 84 Credits from the total Credits of 140 up to III-I Semester or a total of 100 Credits out of 168 up to III Year II Semester. 

7. Students who fail to earn 216 Credits Out of 224 Credits within 10 Years from the Year of their admission shall forfeit their seat in B.Tech and their admission will automatically be canceled.