JOKE OF THE DAY: Daily 3 jokes only for u..!!

23 Dec 2015    11:47 am

JOKE OF THE DAY: Daily 3 jokes only for u..!!

We are giving you education related information, student related information and other JNTU stuff, so here we are giving you relaxing your mind by posting this type of post regarding jokes. Everyone needs happy, but somebody doesnot know how we are giving you to spend 5 mins of your valuble time and get some entertain...

Note: We are not at all encourage any adult jokes...

1. A heart touching poem by an engineering student.......

If i die in a exam zone,
Box me up & send my home,

Put my papers on my chest,
And tell my mother i did my best

Tell my dad not to bow,
He will not get tension from me now,

Tell my brother to study perfectly,
Keys of my bike will be his permanently,

Tell my sister don't be upset,
Her brother will not rise after this sunset,

Don't tell my friends they are hearties,
And start to for parties,

And tell my love not to cry,

2. The 2 happiest days in engineering life..

First Day:

Thank God I got it....

Last Day:

Thank God I got out of it.....!! ;)

3. Man: Among my 4 sons 3 are engineer.
Friend: 4th?
Man: He didn’t study & became a barber.
Friend: Why don’t you throw him out?
Man: He is the only 1 who earns.