JOKES OF THE DAY: Daily 3 jokes only for you

19 Dec 2015    01:37 pm

JOKES OF THE DAY: Daily 3 jokes only for you

We are giving you education related information, student related information and other JNTU stuff, so here we are giving you relaxing your mind by posting this type of post regarding jokes. Everyone needs happy, but somebody doesnot know how we are giving you to spend 5 mins of your valuble time and get some entertain...

Note: We are not at all encourage any adult jokes...

Joke 1:

The most funniest situation in student's life:

When we have no idea what to write in paper and supervisor comes and say "wind up your papers"

:) :) :)

This situation occurs every student right.....!!!

Joke 2:

Father to son: How did you write your exam?

Son: They had asked questions which I didn't know, so I wrote answer which they will not know


This answer is every student Inner Feeling.... ;)

​Joke 3:

Height of HOPE:
Sitting in Examination hall
Holding paper in hand
And saying to yourself


"Don't worry man, Exam will be postponed"


99% students are thinking like that only....


Finally these are the daily 3 jokes...hope you feel good..