MEFA (Managerial economics and financial analysis) Quetion Bank

1 Feb 2016    08:34 pm

MEFA (Managerial economics and financial analysis)



A) Features of Robbins definition of economics.

B) What is micro economics?

C) Advertising elasticity of demand.

D) Demand forecasting in case of new product.

E) Durable vs perishable goods


1. A)  Define managerial economics? Does it have any links with other subjects?

B)  What is demand function? How do you determine it?

2. A)  What is income elasticity of demand? And explain its types.

B)  Evaluate survey based demand forecasting methods with appropriate examples.

        3.    A) Explain the scope of managerial economics.

                B) What could be the different variations in the nature of demand ?

         4.    A) Define elasticity of demand. Explain significance.

                 B) What are the factors affecting demand forecasting?

          5.   A) Explain the statistical methods of demand forecasting.

                 B) What is cross elasticity of demand and explain its features.

          6.    A) briefly explain the following methods.

                       i) Test marketing methods ii> Simultaneous equation methods

                B) Define Law of demand?

                                                                   UNIT II



B) Semi fixed or Semi variable cost.

C) Diseconomies of scale.

D) Explicit and Implicit cost.

E) Contribution


1. A)  Explain the Law of Returns to scale.

 B) How to determine cost-output relation in short-run.

2. A)  Define BEP? How do you determine it?

B)  Srikanth enterprises deal in the supply of hardware parts of computer. The following

cost data is available.

Sales 50000, Fixed cost 10,000 and Variable cost 30,000

Determine BEP and MOS?

       3.    A) Define Isoquants? Explain its features.

              B) Explain how the cost influences in long run period.

        4.    A) Show the graphical presentation of BEP.

                B) Briefly explain the Cobb-Douglas production function?

          5.   A) A firm has a fixed cost of Rs50000; s and Variable cost per unit is Rs25. Actual          


                      Is 3500 units. Calculate the MOS.                              

                 B) What is Isocosts?

          6.    A) briefly explain the following costs.

                       i) Fixed cost ii) Variable cost

                B) What is P/V Ratio?

                                                         UNIT III


A) Define Oligopoly?

B) What is Monopoly?

C) Market Skimming price.

D) Penetration pricing.

E) Sealed Bid pricing.


1. A)  What is difference between Perfect and Monopoly market?

B)  Explain any two methods of pricing based on strategy.

3. A)  What is Monopolistic competition? Explain its features.

B)  Explain how the price is determined in short run under Perfect competition.

        3.    A) what is difference between Monopoly and Monopolistic markets?

                B) Explain the Cost Based Pricing methods.

         4.    A) How to determine the price in case of Monopoly market?

                 B) Explain the features of Monopoly competition.

          5.   A) How to determine the price under Monopolistic competition?

                B) Explain the following Pricing methods.

                     i>Block pricing ii>Peak load pricing iii>Transfer pricing

         6.    A) Explain how the price is determined in long run under Perfect competition.

                 B) Define Market and explain the features of market structure?