Microsoft to cut 7,800 jobs, Official mail sent from Microsoft CEO

9 Jul 2015    12:38 pm

Microsoft to cut 7,800 jobs, Official mail sent from Microsoft CEO

Technology King Microsoft Want to Downgrade 7800 Jobs in Microsoft and Nokia. We know recently Microsoft bought Nokia and made some cool mobile products with Microsoft name. As per Microsoft CEO official announcement with their employees via mail. Here we can see official announcement of Satya Nadella with Microsoft employees.

“$7.6 billion charge during its fourth fiscal quarter, which ended June 30, and that it would be a noncash charge reflecting the declining performance of the smartphone business, which continued to lose money and market share. Microsoft said it would also take a cash restructuring charge of $750 million to $850 million related to the layoffs. Investors had a muted reaction to the news, with shares in the company down 0.1 percent, to $44.24, for the day”

This is the official mail sent from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. It’s clear in that mail “Microsoft would like to job cuts in their company “

The company also said that as a result of the lay-offs , it will record a charge of around $7.6 billion related to assets it took aboard through its acquisition of the Nokia Devices and Services business, along with restructuring expenses of approximately $750 million to $850 million. 

Also Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that “I would like to announce that due to changes in mobile business, there is more job cuts in our company, may be 7800 job cuts are there” .

Any company would like to develop their business so Microsoft also do this, in some changes job cuts are common. Amy way all the best to Microsoft and CEO Satya Nadella.