Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

31 Mar 2015    01:22 pm

Microsoft Word Shortcuts:

Formatting Characters
Change Case Shift+F3                           
Increase Font Size Ctrl+Shift+ >
Decrease Font Size Ctrl+Shift+ <
Formatting Paragraphs
Single Line Spacing Ctrl+1
Double Line Spacing Ctrl+2
1½ Line Spacing Ctrl+5
12 pt Space above paragraph Ctrl+0
Indent Paragraph Ctrl+M
Heading 1 Ctrl+Alt+1
Heading 2 Ctrl+Alt+2
Heading 3 Ctrl+Alt+3
Normal Ctrl+Shift+N
Date & Time
Insert Date Field Alt+Shift+D
Insert Time Field Alt+Shift+T
Update Field F9
Toggle Codes Shift+F9
Create Field Ctrl+F9


Shortcut to all MS office Programs:

Close Program Alt+F4
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Duplicate object Ctrl+D
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Formatting characters
Select All Ctrl+A
Bold Ctrl+B
Underline Ctrl+U
Italic Ctrl+I
Repeat last action F4
Working with documents
Create a new document Ctrl+N
Open a document Ctrl+O
Close a document Ctrl+W
Save As F12
Save a document Ctrl+S
Print a Document Ctrl+P
Spellcheck F7                            



Microsoft Excel Shortcuts:

Moving Around
Cell A1 Ctrl + Home                     
Last Used Cell Ctrl + End
Go To dialog box F5
Next Blank Cell in Row Ctrl+ð
Next Blank Cell in Column Ctrl+ò
Select the current column Ctrl+Spacebar
Select the current row Shift+Spacebar
To Next Blank Cell in Row Ctrl+Shift+ð
To Next Blank Cell in Column Ctrl+Shift+ò
All Cells around Current Ctrl+Shift+8
Date and time
Insert current time Ctrl+Shift+;
Insert current date Ctrl+;
View formulas Ctrl + ~
Create a chart F11
Edit links Edit menu/Links