Now Google " Find My Phone " to Locate your phone where ever it is

16 Apr 2015    01:21 pm


Now google has launched something which is very useful. It works for every Android phone, what all you need to do is just open the website and search " Find my phone " as above shown clip. That's it now you will get the exact location where it is and also if you have missplaced the mobile in silent mode any where in your home even then this helps you a lot where you can see a option called " Ring " Click on that which rings your mobile with maximum volume.

Steps to Find your Phone ( Android ) On Google

  1. You need to on the location access on your phone and Same google account which you are logging in your Android phone must be logged into your browser.
  2. Open and enter " Find my phone " in the search bar.
  3. Now you will find a map where your phone will be located at exact point mostly. This helps to find your mobile when someone theft your phone and forgot the phone in some other location.
  4. Left Bottom corner of the map consists of ring option. Click over the option. This helps you to ring your Android phone with full volume for almost 5 minutes even the mobile is in the silent mode.


But this feature is launched by Google long back as Android Device Manager. With the help of this you can find and locate your phone as mentioned above. Along with that you can even acess the phone remotely so that you can erase the data if you lost your phone.

Check it out here: Android Device Manager