Piers Morgan Gave A “1 Million Rupees Challenge” To Sehwag! Viru’s Reply Made Him Delete His Tweet

31 Aug 2016    08:56 am
Rio Olympics: A Massive conversation between peirsmorgan and virendra sehwag!. Check Below for more information.
So here’s the challenge which Piers gave Sehwag!


Now, Sehwag is quite witty when it comes to tweets and smart answers; he replied something which Piers would have not even expected. Here’s Viru’s reply!
.@piersmorgan India Already Has 9  Medals, England Has Zero WC.
As Far As Charity Is Concerned, You Already Owe Us Kohinoor.

Update:- We were so excited to see Viru’s reply that we didn’t even notice it was Sehwag’s Parody account. Nevertheless even our original Viru would have replied the same. This tweet actually made Piers Morgan lose the bet of 1 million!

And One More!