Samsung To Unveil New IoT Operating System In April

27 Mar 2016    04:43 pm


Samsung is working on delivering a new operating system for the upcoming revolution in Internet of Things, and it plans to make it open-source.

The company is interested in the IoT future as it plans to provide a large number of smart home appliances, industrial equipment and wearables that could benefit from interconnectivity.

The upcoming OS did not receive a name yet, but we do know that it should assist devices into executing simple tasks instantly, with zero human intervention. To exemplify, the system could instruct your lights to go on before you step into your apartment.

We look forward to hearing more about the development in April, when the Samsung Developer Conference takes place in San Francisco.

"Our new, open-source IoT real-time operating system (RTOS), has a wide scope of features while maintaining a lightweight and efficient footprint," Samsung says.