Software Testing Methodologies Important Questions

9 Feb 2016    07:18 pm


1. Explain goals for testing and model for testing in software testing?

2. Describe phases in tester’s mental life and state ComplexityBarrier?

3. Explain about test design and explain different types of testing?

4. Explain the following

a) Environment

b) Program

c) Bugs

5. State pesticide paradox and complexity barrier in purpose oftesting? Knowledge 2

6. Demonstrate nightmare list and when to stop testing in the consequences of


7. Illustrate hardware architecture and software architecture? Understand 2

8. Differentiate function versus structure testing .and compare small versus

large programming?

9. Demonstrate test bug remedies and illustrate requirement bugs? Understand 2

10. Explain external interfaces and internal interfaces and discuss the

consequences of bugs?


1. Define path testing and explain about decision and case statements? Knowledge 5

2. Explain bug assumption and compare control flow graphs and flow charts? Understand 5

3. State control flow graph and list independence and co-relation of variables

and predicates?

4. State process blocks and defines predicate and path predicates? Knowledge 5

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5. Demonstrate path statement, path testing criteria and explain branch


6. Explain about simple independent and co-relatedpredicates? Knowledge 5

7. Define loops and explain different types of loops and Explain nested loops Understand 5

8. Explain flow graph notational evolution and explain co-related independent


9. Explain path nodes and links and explain the effectiveness and limitations

of path testing?

10. Explain multi entry and multi exit routines and describe path predicate



1. Define transaction flow graph and define transaction with an example? Knowledge 6

2. Illustrate all c-uses/some p-uses strategies and discuss all p-uses/some c-
uses strategies?

3. Explain births and mergers in a transaction flow testing? Understand 6

4. Demonstrate transaction flow structure and discuss transaction flow testing


5. Demonstrate du-path and define all du-paths? Understand 6

6. Define path selection and illustrate path sensitization? Knowledge 6

7. Describe all predicate uses and all computational uses strategy? Apply 6

8. Explain transaction flow sensitization and discuss transaction


9. Demonstrate data flow anomalies and explain components of data flow


10. Define data flow testing and explain the application tools and effectiveness

of data flow testing?