Startup Carnival - Celebrating Entrepreneurship | Connecting Students to Startups | 40+ Colleges and 50+ Startups

15 Feb 2016    11:14 pm

About Startup Carnival 

Startup Carnival - Celebrating Entrepreneurship:
Connecting Students to Startups,Investors, Industry Experts. More than 40+ Colleges and 50+ Startups , 1000+ Students . The Startup Carnival is a Platform where the Startup Founders share their Startup Stories, Students get connected to Startups. there are 4 Events as a Part of Startup Carnival 
Startup Talks
Various Startup Founders, Industrial experts will be sharing their journey of Startup, explain about their Startups and Share their Idea what made them to start a startup. 
Startup Expo:
Exhibiting various startups and Demonstrating their respective products. Expected 50+ Startups 
Intern Mela 
Students can get an opportunity to work with startups and are hired as interns in various startups according to Vacancies. 350+ Internships are Provided 
Students can submit thier ideas and Plans. if the idea is selected it can be funded by investors and industry experts
We are trying to bring a revolution Connecting Students to Young Entrepreneurs and their Startups.

Click Here to Register | Call : 9676707172
Venue: CMR Technical Campus

Registration Fee :- 300/- Includes food, Certificate
*Every Participant gets 200 rs worth Ebay voucher