The Great Khali Promises Bloody Revenge After Injury in Professional Wrestling Bout

28 Feb 2016    07:03 pm

The Great Khali yearns for revenge and that too a bloody one. The ex-WWE star from India, who was seriously injured in a professional wrestling bout with Canada's 'Bodysteel' on Wednesday, said he is ready for a rematch and promised to show no mercy. (Ex-WWE Star The Great Khali Suffers Serious Head Injury in Pro Wrestling Match)

"I have come out of bad time. I am ready to fight him (Bodysteel). I will attack him with chair and make every drop of his blood count. It will be blood for blood and chair for chair." said Khali, who had to be admitted in a hospital in Dehradun with a head fracture.

The rematch with his Canadian rival will come soon enough for Khali. "There is a fire burning inside me and I am embarrassed that I let my fans down in Haldwani. But I request you all to come on 28th in Dehradun and watch me give it back to them. I will fight despite what the doctors say and promise to take revenge," Khali said.